The DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy is Duke University’s hub for the study of journalism. We study the interaction between news media and policy; we support watchdog and accountability reporting in the U.S. and around the world; and we teach about the media’s role in democracy.

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RLH Interviews Debut

Philip Bennett of the Rutherfurd Living History program interviewed each Zeidman panelist about standout encounters in their coverage of the election. Topics include: the alt-right ideology, interviewing Hillary Clinton via Snapchat, and how Trump resonated with the Midwest.

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The Story of DeWitt Wallace: The Original Aggregator

The Legacy of DeWitt and Lila Wallace

Bill Green “succeeded in putting Duke on the map”

“He was here during Terry Sanford’s first years, and he really did guide that strategy for getting all kinds of press coverage at Duke. The difference between Duke before Sanford and Duke after Sanford is just astonishing in terms of the degree to which Duke was in the news.” Joel Fleishman Learn More

Q&A: Futrell award-winner, espnW founder Laura Gentile

"I love the fact that espnW [is] really filling a void, and one not everybody saw. That for future generations of athletes and young girls, they now have a place to look to see women doing amazing things. Not only as athletes, but leading from a business perspective and supporting one another and setting a different tone about the role that women can play in sports." Learn More