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Melcher Family Award for Excellence in Journalism

AndrewBeaton2Andrew Beaton T’14, was awarded the 11th annual Melcher Family Award for Excellence in Journalism for his article The Oral History of Tailgate, published in The Duke Chronicle on November 08, 2013. The selection committee of faculty and alumni marked this piece as exemplary, describing it “…as an innovative narrative that, through the voices of more than a dozen sources, provided a thorough and compelling account of the rise and demise of Tailgate. The article reconstructed in intimate and honest terms a chapter of Duke’s cultural history that cast a fair and illuminating light on a tradition revered by some and reviled by others. The depth of the reporting, the skillful assembly of the component parts and the pacing of the story made it a compelling read. This was reflected in the voluminous commentary it provoked in social media among students and alumni. If Tailgate was a symbol of one aspect of life at Duke, this story is an example of the power of journalism to explore broader truths through the lens of a single event.”  See Twitter traffic generated by the story collected here.

Media Fellow Donates Copy of Tunisian Constitution to Duke

olfa_riahiTunisian journalist and Jasmine Revolution activist Olfa Riahi will donate a signed copy of the new constitution of Tunisia and several books on Tunisian history, politics and revolution to the Duke University Libraries. Riahi, participant in the DeWitt Wallace Center’s Media Fellows Program, is a political activist, blogger, investigative reporter and author. Learn more . . .

A New Movement for Structured Journalism

Knight Professor of Computational Journalism Bill Adair wants journalists to reimagine the way they tell news stories. He and some colleagues will discuss their ideas at the Online News Association Conference in September. In the meantime, read his insightful Poynter Online article and share your ideas at #structuredjournalism.

April 14 – DATA+JOURNALISM: A Speaker Series

heerProfessors Bill Adair (Public Policy, DWC) and Jun Yang (Computer Science) have teamed up to present DATA+JOURNALISM: A Speaker series. On January 27,  Jeffrey Heer (Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington; and Co-Founder, Trifacta) will speak. The series features journalists and computer scientists leading the national conversation about data and the reinvention of journalism.  These campus talks explore a common challenge: how can we turn raw data in records, transcripts, tweets, and other artifacts of governing and human interactions into useful information and insights? Be sure to watch for upcoming notices about the series, funded by the Information Initiative at Duke (iiD). Contact Shelley Stonecipher for more information.