The News Measures Research Project (NMRP), a research initiative led by Shepley Professor Philip Napoli, released “Assessing News Media Infrastructure: A State-Level Analysis.”  The report, authored by Professor Napoli along with Ian Dunham from Rutgers University and Jessica Mahone from the Democracy Fund’s Public Square Program, provides data comparing the news media infrastructure of individual states in a way that facilitates comparisons across states.

The full report can be found here: Assessing News Media Infrastructure: A State-Level Analysis

The News Measures Research Project is a multi-pronged effort to develop assessment tools for local journalism that can be used in a variety of contexts, including professional practice, academic research, policy making/policy analysis, and grant-making strategy formulation and assessment. These assessment tools cover three primary, inter-connected areas: 1) assessing the nature of journalistic content; 2) assessing the needs, interests, and preferences of local news audiences; and 3) assessing the health and rigor of the local news infrastructures in communities.

The Project has been supported by The Democracy Fund and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

To learn more about this research, check out this interview with Professor Napoli, produced by our colleagues at UNC.

Research through the NMRP project is ongoing, with a team of undergraduate, graduate students, and post-graduates from Duke, UNC Chapel Hill and Rutgers collecting data and learning more about the news media ecosystems of communities across the United States.