The Fischer-Zernin Award is a new student journalism award underwritten by Max Fischer-Zernin, one of the original student researchers in the Duke Reporters’ Lab who graduated from Duke in 2015.

“Duke students have a tremendous opportunity to contribute to Durham’s civic discourse by shining a light on misunderstood or overlooked community issues,” said Fischer-Zernin. “This award seeks to encourage Duke students to apply the skills they develop on campus to produce original journalism that engages and informs the communities they cover.”


The award, for articles/podcasts/video segments published in the prior calendar year, will carry a $500 prize. It will be presented in April at the annual DeWitt Wallace Center journalism awards ceremony along with the Melcher Award for Excellence in Student Journalism, the Futrell Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism by a Duke alum, and the Merritt Science Journalism Award presented by the Pratt School of Engineering.


Students can submit work for the Melcher or Fischer-Zernin awards using this form. The deadline is Feb. 18, 2019. The winners will be selected by members of the DeWitt Wallace faculty.


Contact if you have any questions.