Internship requirements for JAM minor and PJMS certificate students:

Students are required to complete an internship with a news organization, or in a media-related or communications role.

Internship hosts cannot be Duke campus-based organizations or programs.

Internships must involve 8 weeks of continuous engagement.

There is no specific requirement for the number of hours.


Internships must be approved in advance to count toward the certificate program requirements. Please contact Professor Stephen Buckley to make an appointment to meet with him to discuss your internship opportunities and request approval.  If you have already been accepted into an internship program, please fill out the Internship Approval Form before meeting with Professor Buckley.

For Public Policy majors, note that an internship approved to meet the Public Policy major requirements can also meet the JAM minor and PJMS Certificate program requirements, AS LONG AS it includes a significant media-related component.  Please visit the Public Policy internship webpage, for more information about Public Policy requirements.

Capstone Course/Academic Credit:

Students earn academic credit for an approved internship by enrolling in the Capstone Course (PJMS 410), following the completion of (or at the same time as) the internship. The Capstone Course, as well as the internship, is required to graduate with the JAM minor or the PJMS certificate.

During the Capstone Course, you will make a presentation on your internship experiences. Keep this in mind while doing the internship, and if possible, try to collect print, online, audio or video clips resulting from your internship. These do not have to have your name as a byline, author or producer, but should represent work you have done.

If your internship host requests a letter confirming that you will receive academic credit for your internship experience, please contact Shelley Stonecipher.

Post-internship requirements:

In addition to enrolling in the capstone course (PJMS 410), you will be required to fill out a questionnaire upon return to campus for program evaluation purposes.  We may also ask you to share your experience and advice with future student applicants to the internship you participated in, or a similar internship with your host organization.  We welcome any feedback you can offer your fellow students!