Below are a number of resources offered by different departments at Duke for researching internship opportunities:

The DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy

  • DWC circulates information about internship opportunities through its listserves.  Contact Shelley Stonecipher to be added to the listserves.
  • Check out these internship profiles provided by previous Duke student interns.
  • DWC also has a list of Duke alumni in relevant fields who may be able to help.  If you know what host organization, geographic location or narrow field information (e.g. broadcast news, social media, magazine journalism, political affairs, etc.), contact Shelley Stonecipher and she may be able to help you identify faculty, alumni or other professional contacts.
  • For exploring alumni networks, you may also want to check out the following Twitter feeds, frequented by Duke alumni:

Duke Chronicle, official Duke Chronicle website
Duke Alumni in the Media, curated by Duke News
Duke People, curated by Zach Tracer, T’11, formerly a Chronicle reporter, now at Bloomberg News.
Chron, curated by Laura Keeley, T’11, formerly a Chronicle reporter, now at St. Petersburg Times.


Sanford School of Public Policy

Public Policy’s career services office internship database includes information on several excellent media-related internships. Students from all majors who are enrolled in the PJMS certificate program can access the database with Net-ID and password.  To access feedback from previous interns, visit the Public Policy career services office.

The Duke University Career Center

  • Duke’s Career Services resources page provides access to a number of national websites that link students to internship opportunities.
  • DukeConnect profiles alumni who have volunteered to provide internship and career counseling.  This database does not include searchable employment fields obvious to our community, such as journalism or media.  Most alumni in journalism and media-related fields can be found by searching the employment fields of Communications, Entertainment/Sports, Internet/E-Commerce (digital media), or by doing a general keyword search (e.g. journalist, reporter, editor, broadcast, digital media, etc.) or a search on specific employers (e.g. New York Times, ESPN, ABC, Reuters, etc.).
  • Internship Feedback Database provides student feedback on internships with specific host organizations.  Like DukeConnect, you will need to be creative about selecting the ‘Sector/Industry” field.  The Sector/Industry field option with the largest number of relevant listings is Communications-Media-Arts.