Monday, October 1st, Duke Alum and New York Times correspondent Mark Mazzetti, visited the DeWitt Wallace Center to speak with journalism students and participate in a discussion of “The Fourth Estate.” Available on Showtime and iTunes, “The Fourth Estate” documents The New York Times’ coverage of Trump’s first year in office. Mazzetti and his team of reporters are featured heavily in the four-part series as they navigate both personal and professional challenges reporting on the Trump administration.
After speaking with students in Professor Phil Bennetts’ and Professor Bill Adairs’ classes, Mark joined over 55 members of the DeWitt Wallace Center and community in a discussion on “The Fourth Estate” at the Sanford School. Mark discussed what it’s like behind the scenes at The New York Times. Some of the challenges he and his team face are the increase in press scrutiny, nonstop news cycle, and twists and turns of reporting on Trump. DeWitt Wallace Center Director Bill Adair moderated the discussion and presented clips from the series. 

During the lively Q&A, one attendee asked for advice on how to make a positive impact in our respective fields at this time. Mark suggested getting involved in a profession you feel uplifts society, and advocating for the free press. Many were able to stay after the event to meet Mark personally, and ask one-on-one questions. For a closer look at the event, see our gallery below.