The Duke Reporters’ Lab hosted its annual Tech & Check conference on March 28-29. More than 50 technologists, fact-checkers, computer scientists and Duke students gathered at the Bullpen in downtown Durham to discuss progress in automated fact-checking. Participants did demos of their projects and discussed plans for the future.

Some highlights from the conference:

  • Dan Schultz – Truth Goggles and Talking Point Tracker
  • Arjun Moorthy – CivikOwl
  • Nadine Ajaka – Washington Post video taxonomy
  • Mevan Babakar – Full Fact
  • Caio Almeida – Meedan and WhatsApp
  • Bill Adair – Squash
  • Delip Rao – Detecting synthetic content
  • Zoher Kachwala – F​actCheckGraph
  • Pablo Fernández – Chequeabot
  • Chengkai Li – ClaimBuster



Photos by Colin Huth