The DeWitt Wallace Center serves the student community through:

  • Teaching: Students can take PJMS classes on journalism practice and theory, enroll in the Policy Journalism and Media Studies certificate, and participate in independent studies.
  • Research positions: The Center hires more than a dozen students each year through the Reporters’ Lab, the Rutherfurd Living History program, the Center’s general offices.
  • Internship and career counseling: The Center’s faculty and staff provide career guidance and information about internship and post-college job opportunities. The Center also connects student to alumni in the field.
  • Events and speaker series: The Center brings more than a dozen journalists and media experts to campus each semester, making them available to speak to small groups of students and to classes.
  • Research and Internship Funding: The DeWitt Wallace Center provides funding grants up to $3,000 for media-related internships or research projects.
  • Awards and Recognition: The Melcher Family Award for Excellence in Journalism recognizes the best work of journalism produced annually with a $1,000 award, and a special dinner with faculty, students and alumni journalists.