Through our programming in DC, the DeWitt Wallace Center and its affiliated programs will expand our student and faculty research and outreach in fact-checking, public support for local journalism, digital platform regulation, disinformation, and user data privacy and security. Many of these events will feature collaborators and DWC-affiliated organizations, such as the Duke Technology Policy Lab and the Duke Reporter’s Lab. As the 2024 election ramps up, and media and democracy concerns grow as a point of focus for federal policymakers and the Supreme Court, we look forward to building our teaching, research, and engagement activities where these issues intersect.

Look for notices about these events, which typically will be held at the University’s Duke in DC facility, located minutes from the White House. Other events will be held off-site, taking advantage of the wide range of news outlets, foundations, advocacy organizations, and government agencies that are based in DC.

Below is a list of DWC in DC events coming up. If you’d like to stay abreast of future DC events, scan the UR code below, and we will add you to our email list.

And we’re always looking for support to help grow our activities in DC. If you have ideas for programming or partnership, or would like to support our work in DC, please reach out to Phil Napoli, Director of the DeWitt Wallace Center at


Spring semester, 2023:


A Conversation on the Economy: With The Guardian’s Margaret Sullivan in conversation with alumni Claire Ballentine (Bloomberg) and Amrith Ramkumar (WSJ)


Sponsored by the Knight Foundation.

This 2-day conference brought together journalists from local news organizations across the country to talk about fact-checking local news.  The conference included discussions around the findings of this report: Vast gaps in fact-checking across the U.S. allow politicians to elude scrutiny.


  • Congressional Testimony by Justin Sherman, sharing research produced by the Tech Policy Lab’s Data Brokerage research project. (April 19, 2023)

“Data Brokerage, the Sale of Individuals’ Data, and Risks to Americans’ Privacy, Personal Safety, and National Security”  (Justin Sherman’s comments begin at 32:45).  Written comments can be found here.

This research is funded by the Department of Defense.


If you’d like to stay abreast of future DC events, scan the UR code below, and we will add you to our email list.