The Rutherfurd Living History program has been producing interviews with prominent American and world leaders since 1974.  Today, under the direction of Professor Philip Bennett, the program has expanded to include research on new technologies for producing, searching and working with interviews and oral histories.

To date, the Living History Collection includes video recordings of interviews with or lectures by more than 65 prominent figures.  Recent recordings are available online at YouTube.  We are currently in the process of digitizing and transcribing the archived interviews, and will be adding them to this site as they become available.  Any of the recordings can be obtained by contacting Shelley Stonecipher at the DeWitt Wallace Center. Reproduction costs vary according to the length of the recordings and transcripts.


Special Collections

In recent years, the Rutherfurd Living History Program has partnered with faculty and other institutions and programs to produce collections of oral histories around specific themes.  These include:


PBS Frontline Collaboration

Reporting on National Security, with Patterson Professor of the Practice of Journalism and Public Policy, Philip Bennett

Russian Reformers (2009), with Duke Program on History Public Policy & Social Change

South African Reformers (2010), with Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of History, William Chafe

Southern Rural Poverty Collection (1992), with Kevin D. Gorter Professor of Public Policy and History, Robert Korstad